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This book teaches you the right invocations which deal directly with supernatural forces.


This is the only book in the Western World that reveals the legendary powerful spells of the Javanese. We will quote in part from the book (by occultist-researcher Lau Soon Wah):
'My major source of information was my father (a medium and healer) and my extensive research of Javanese magickal practices, especially those found in the remotest areas of Borneo.
'This book teaches you the right invocations which deal directly with supernatural forces. The reader is spared the theories and folk-tales usually found in spell books. Nor do I give case histories of how these magickal powers have helped others as I believe that in order to prove that they work one must try them for one's self.
'I am providing these spells in their original form. To alter them would be to diminish their power. However, they involve no great ceremony or complicated paraphernalia and are no less effective for that.
The author provides several love spells which he describes as "... powerful spells which will win the love of the person you desire or bring back the one you lost, or sustain your partner's interest in you". Another spell he describes "... Will 'turn on' the opposite sex immediately ... it will have a merciless effect, instantly urging your partner to go to bed even if she/he said 'no' minutes earlier. No matter how cold your partner is or how strange the stranger is this spell works! The spell is secretly obtained from an Iban chief in Borneo who has 18 wives, the youngest being 15 years of age. He is in his 80s! This spell takes just a few moments to do.
The book provides simple spells for quickly alleviating headache, and pains in general, which, says the author, "... are so effective that the natives seldom bother to seek orthodox medical help.
Also provided are deadly spells which the author suggest should only be used against someone who is making your life a misery. "They will teach your enemy a lesson he will never forget - if he lives to survive it, that is!" The reader is also shown how to gain supernatural protection against the evil curses of others.
Powerful spells are provided for the businessman desiring more business and for anyone wishing greater success in life, especially in financial matters. These, claim the author are 'fail safe'. Another simple spell, he says, will "influence anyone to accept your opinion or do as you say".
"These spells will open your life to unlimited good fortune and achievement. I personally guarantee that it will work miracles for you. Miracles can be made to happen when you know how to coax them!"
Serious occult-researchers will recognise this unusual book as an invaluable addition to the world fund of esoteric knowledge. The average man or woman looking for an unorthodox solution to his/her problems may find in this book what he/she has been waiting for.


This is a Black Magic Book.

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